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Vegetable Garden

March 21st, 2013

It’s been nearly a month since we started this project.  It’s almost done now – just a little more soil to add to the garden boxes this weekend then its time to start planting!

February 24th, 2013

Oh, so many projects. We thought the vegetable garden boxes would be a fairly simple DIY project to kickstart 2013… but it’s turning out to be a longer process. We’re starting to make some headway now – check out the rock wall!

Here’s how we made it happen:

1) We dug.
2) I surprised Irvin by spontaneously renting a Sawz-all to cut tree roots.
3) Drove to Metchosin to look at rocks to purchase. Turned out to be pretty expensive.
4) Scoped out a friends condo building for rocks to…. borrow?
5) Got permission from the condo building’s owner to take rocks… a much better approach!
6) Finished installing hitch on the jeep so we could finally make use of the utility trailer my parents gave us when we first moved in.
7) Picked up some rocks.
8) Laid out the rocks! This was probably the easiest and most satisfying part of the whole process so far.

I’m looking forward to the next steps.. more rocks, then buying wood and constructing the garden boxes! Can’t wait!


  1. Hi guys,

    This looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it next time we visit!!!

    Happy sowing and reaping xoxo

  2. indra and chandar

    March 21, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    looks so good and the hard work you and irvin did ,keep up and you will get the good harvest of your hard work,,looks like trix is enjoing the sunshine too. we can not wait to see all the hard work you both did…enjoy…mom and dad.

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