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The Woodshed Project… creating space!

The woodshed project was on our list of things to tackle this year, not because we had no place to store firewood (we did, though I doubt our neighbour loved looking at a scraggly blue tarp strewn haphazardly along the side of our garage, not entirely succeeding at covering the pile of wood) but because we have big plans for the inside of our garage. And if we want to make those dreams come true, there’s a towering list of other things we need to do first to make room… the wood shed being the one nearest the top right now.

On a side note, it also feeds Irvin’s addiction for organizing everything…that’s a story I’m sure i’ll get to later.

What surprised me though, was how much fun this project turned out to be. It’s very rare to feel 100 % creatively uninhibited and motivated without even trying… and I usually need a couple glasses of wine to get there! Not the case with this project (which is good as many spinning blades were involved.) We both found something deeply satisfying in taking (in this case, a ton) of wood, cutting, it, putting it together, and creating something. I kept catching myself feeling like I did as a kid, when I built forts out of driftwood on the beach, or when I used my Dad’s leftover wood scraps to build a hideaway in a forest of trees in Fernie.

Here is the space ‘before.’ It is at the back of our yard where we have a driveway that comes in from the road. You can see it’s not pretty. We typically used it as a place to pile unwanted things, in other words, a dumping ground. First we removed some dirt from the area to make it level with the rest of the driveway.

Woodshed Before

Woodshed 2 - Clearing space

We were very fortunate to have my dad and mom visiting during the early stages. Irvin and my dad spent a day together laying and leveling the footings, laminating a beam, and bracing the posts in position. We had no idea how to brace posts, so having my dad here to lend his lifetime of building experience was absolutely key to getting us started on the right foot.

Woodshed 3 - Dad and Irvin Day 1

Woodshed 4 - Bracing 

Using what Irvin learned from the day with my dad, we were able to build the front wall frame ourselves and laid some pressure treated wood for the floor. Cutting a birdsmouth into the rafters was a challenge I wasn’t ready to tackle yet, so we used these hurricane ties to attach the rafter pieces to the beams. It’s not the intended use of this hardware, but it worked for our situation.

Woodshed 5 - Roof and floorboards

Woodshed 6 - Irvin on the roof

We used 7/8 corrugated metal for the roofing and also for some of the siding because we love the way it looks. We used cedar 1 X 4’s and 1 X 6’s to finish the siding. We chose to close in the right side to create a space to store our gardening tools.

Woodshed 7 - Metal and Siding

Woodshed 8 - Metal and Siding full view

I have fallen (like the rest of the internet) for herringbone pattern everything… which gave me the idea to create the garden shed doors like so. I love them!

Woodshed 9 - Doors and feet

And here it is, finished, and stacked with wood! As with all our projects, it took longer and cost more than expected… but we are totally thrilled with how it turned out and I know we’ve learned a lot of little things that will help us be smarter and quicker with the rest of the projects on the list.

Cheers to making space! And thanks for checking it out 🙂

– Halli

If you are creating something similar and have questions about anything you see, leave a comment and I will happily offer my assistance.

Woodhsed 10 - Finished product


  1. caroline lennox

    April 12, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    I am so happy to see you two enjoying being homeowners. Great job!

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