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The back gate finale!

We started the back gate project with much gusto last summer. One day I came home from work and Irvin was attacking the original gate that came with the house like he was defending a child from a monster under the bed. The word eyesore could not capture the essence of this gate. It was so ugly and decrepit there was never cause to photograph it (which I regret now because this post really deserves a before and after.)  Picture two pieces of manufactured fence boards, broken lattice on top, parts of the frame missing.  A piece of mishapen plywood nailed to the bottom of each door – though they wouldn’t keep a dog in or any urban creature out – just for looks I guess. Gravity forced the two doors to make a deep v shape toward the centre of the driveway – rusting hardware, and a faded bungee cord held them together.

Somehow we wrangled our friend Bryan into helping us.  We picked up a gate hardware kit and wood from Lumber World in the morning.   As the day went on we realized even this simple project had its own challenges – tediously ensuring all the face boards were lined up and spaced evenly across the frame of each door.  Although he may have regretted it, Bryan stuck around until almost 10 pm to help us finish and get it hung in one day.  We were all proud and relieved to have, for once, completed something in one day.  A few finishing touches were still required, but nothing we couldn’t finish in a couple of hours.

Cedar Gate Construction
Well, many hours have passed since that first, full-steam-ahead day. Actually about 200 days.  It’s taken awhile, but since then we’ve attached latching hardware, two driftwood handles…
Inside and Outside of Cedar Gate

And check out this cool driftwood house number sign Irvin made with a Dremel tool and some white acrylic gesso and paint.

driftwood house number sign


driftwood sign

Finally, over the Easter long weekend, Irvin added the final feature – a piece of cord attached to the gate latch so we can actually open the gate from outside the yard!  No more getting stuck outside!

Finishing touches on cedar gate

I’m trying to come up with some famous quote like…’great haste makes waste’ – some truth which might justify why it took us so long to complete this project.  But, really there is no excuse and there doesn’t need to be – it just wasn’t the highest priority.

Sometimes I catch myself feeling anxious or guilty for not spending every waking minute working on the endless list of home projects. But, when I do, I tell myself to relax!  The changes we want to make are mostly aesthetic that, yes, will be nice to enjoy someday.  In the meantime they are not a necessity – not worth sacrificing personal goals or our social lives for and certainly not worth stressing over.  I think this quote sums it up nicely.

Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday. ~A.A. Milne

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