When we chose this house, we saw through all the chipping paint, 60′s cabinetry, make-shift garage… I could go on… and saw a beautiful home with bounds of potential.  Now nearly two years into the purchase, we’ve learned one truth about house projects – they never go as planned.  Something that seems should only take 2 hours takes 2 days… and almost always a trip to a hardware store when we swore we had everything we needed.  Slowly though, we’re learning. And it’s not always fun, but it is so satisfying. Like an ice sculptor chipping away on a big block of ice –  piece by piece the visions we share come into view.

Projects of small and large proportions are underway.  This is where we will post about the things we’ve been working on for you to view, and for us to remember.  If you have any questions about the products, process or tools used, please leave a comment and we’ll happily share our knowledge with you.

Out with the stars