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Irvin’s amazing crawl space door!

Last weekend Irvin finished a project that has been on the list for awhile now – the crawl space door.  It wasn’t on the list just because of it’s dismal esthetic (see below).  Last fall, it’s lack of function had allowed at least one racoon to make a temporary home in the crawl space.  I like furry creatures but racoons can be trouble – in my experience they aren’t too friendly, may have rabies, and their poop can carry a disease that causes neurological damage.  Not the best critter to have nesting under your feet.

Here is the general idea of what the crawl space door looked like before.  It was basically an old piece of plywood painted and propped closed with a few spare rocks and blocks.

Crawl space door - Before

Irvin made a frame out of some cedar and finished it with two coats of clear Varathane.  The challenging part was drilling into the foundation cement, but with some perserverance and a great deal of patience, he did it!  He nailed two pieces to the frame to keep the door from pushing into the crawl space.

Crawl space door - new frame

Next he built the door.  It is a simple design, but works for this job.  Basically two vertical pieces on the back and horizontal pieces screwed to the front.  The opening wasn’t exactly square (big surprise) so he used a Dremel tool and sander to adjust the sides to fit.

Crawl space door - pre-hardware

The finishing touch was to add hardware.  He spray painted the handles black and used barrel locks to secure the door to the frame, drilling holes into the frame which the barrels slide into.  This makes the entrance secure but also easy for us to remove and replace the door in the future.

Crawl Space Door - After!

I’d say it’s the best looking crawl space door I’ve ever seen! You’re the best Irvin!


  1. Love the crawl space door!!

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