I’ve wanted to try making a font of my own writing for quite a while now.  Finally, under the darkness of winter, I found some time to search the web for the best approach.  What I discovered is that there are many routes one can take to creating a font, and the route you choose will depend on a few things – how much time and patience you have, how much money you’re willing to invest, and the intended purpose of your font.  Is it for you to use or do you intend to sell it to a  broader audience?   

In my hunt I downloaded a trial version of  a software called Glyph.  Glyph is  clearly a powerful program designed with a true font-maker in mind.  It is modern and functional, and has great reviews.  After giving it a good effort though, I discovered it wasn’t designed to create fonts out of handwriting, which was my intention going into this search.  It’s an investment, too, at around $300.  So, I continued on the hunt to find something more geared toward a beginner like me.

Thanks to a blog post on one of my favourite blogs abeautifulmess.com, I learned of the iPad app, iFontMaker.  It’s cheap ($7.99) and allows you to quickly and easily create fonts of your own writing.  For me this was the perfect introduction to font making since it was SO easy and let me accomplish exactly what I had wanted to do.

So far I’ve created two fonts. Teachers Pet was the first. It’s simple and reminds me of my writing when I was learning to print in kindergarten, carefully tracing the dotted lines in a massive practice printing book on a road trip to Disney World.  If you’d like to,  you can download Teachers Pet for free by clicking here.

teachers pet

And the second font I created is Hearts for You. It was a lot of fun to make, and is very cheery and light-hearted. Every character has a least one heart! So I guess it’s more heavy-hearted than light-hearted compared to other fonts, haha! I hope you like it!  If you’d like to download it, click here.

hearts for you font image