Hallowe’en is such a strange but wonderful time of the year.  When else can kids walk the streets in the dark of night, knock on the doors of strangers, accept teeth-rotting, habit-forming candy of all things, and be dressed up as anything their imagination can conjure?A gnome, a firefighter, a sheep… a shelf?

As adults, we’ve gained skills (or friends with skills) to create elaborate, inventive, or funny costumes.  For us, Hallowe’en is the one time per year that we almost have an obligation to be silly, get creative, and have fun!  Unlike other holidays, there’s no obligations to visit family a plane ride away, there’s no big dinner to prepare, no “networking” events to attend (hopefully), and, you can pick pretty much any day within a 3 day radius of the 31st to celebrate, or numerous days if you’re up for the challenge!

It’s really interesting to me that we have such a strange event encoded into our culture; I’m so glad we do!  Whatever you’re doing for Hallowe’en this year I hope you have a lot of fun and make some great memories, whether you’re with your friends or your little ones.