Oh boy it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow!  Did you get any valentine’s at work today? Me neither! Haha, I miss that elementary school tradition.

The way I celebrate Valentine’s Day has shifted from burning letters with my girlfriends on the sidewalk of a quiet residential street in Fernie, to doing nothing at all, to fancy dinners out with my guy Irvin.  This year we’re staying in and cooking up some of Sobo’s magical seafood chowder… and I finally get to give Irvin the surprise I’ve struggled for weeks to keep secret.  Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

A few months ago I posted about my quest to learn how to make my own font.  One of the fonts I made I called ‘Hearts for You’ and it’s totally perfect for Valentine’s Day.  You might also feel inclined (as I do) to use it any time you feel love in your heart 😉

If you like it, click here.  Save it to your fonts folder and use as you please!

Here’s a little preview:

hearts for you font


Whether Valentine’s Day tastes like a sour key (that should taste like a cinnamon heart) or if it makes you feel joy pour through all your pores, I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow!  Make time to celebrate whatever is beautiful in your life in a way that feels right to you 🙂

Lots of love,