So, the last few months have been pretty exciting for Irvin and I… because we bought a house!  I’m sure I’ll have more posts about our various adventures with the house, but for now I wanted to share with you a resource in the community that I know will come in very useful for me – and could be of use to you too.  One of the key reasons we bought this house was for its diamond-in-the-rough yard.  When we moved in, there was remnants of a veggie patch (and tasty cherry tomatoes, beans, and jalepeno peppers – thank-you previous owners!), and as close to an orchard as you can get on a small plot of land in the middle of a city (two gala apple trees, a cherry, pear, fig, and peach tree, and a grape vine!)  There were also and a lot of parched plants and lawn (it was the end of a very beautiful and rain-free September – fair enough!).

We’ve got big plans for the outdoor space… and I’m going to need to acquire a green thumb at a hasty speed – Spring is already right around the corner living in the most temperate climate in Canada.

So, this brings me to this link I’m sharing with you today.  It’s the website for the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre. I’ve seen their booth at various events around town, but didn’t realize that what they offer exceeds the realm of composting.  They offer affordable (some are free) monthly workshops, and if you miss one, there’s a good chance they’ll hold it again.  In particular, I’m hoping to attend the following workshops held this Spring.

  • Basic Composting (I need help in this area – the concept of a ‘hot’ compost is a mystery I can’t seem to uncover on my own)
  • Grow Your Own Food (really thrilled with the idea of going to the backyard instead of the grocery store)
  • Advanced Composting (once I master the basic of course!)
  • Mason Bees Pt. 1 (this is something I’d like to start at home within a couple of years)
  • Build the Best Soils

You can check out their full list of workshops at the link below or visit their main website by clicking the title of this post.

Until next time,

– Halli