Orchestra is a recently launched FREE service for to-do lists.

I found out about it yesterday, and immediately had to download it. My boyfriend and I have been looking for an app like this for a long time.

Here are some of the features which make this the best to-do app in the history of apps.

1) You can create as many lists as you like.

2) You can view these lists separately, or you can view all your tasks in one very long list.

3) You can create t0-dos using VOICE RECOGNITION.  So far I haven’t had it work all that successfully – but it’s pretty neat, and if I could articulate with a little more clarity I’m sure it would work!

4) You can share your lists, or items on your lists with anyone.

5) Along with sharing comes a handful of other nifty features.  For example, you can designate who is responsible for completing a task – yourself, or one of the people you’ve shared with.  Also, anyone you’re sharing your list with can comment on the task.

6) The Chat Feature! This convenient feature de-clutters your inbox by removing the necessity of sending email to co-ordinate tasks.
As this service is very new, they are planning to engage with their users and add more features as needed.   Unlike many first-run apps, this app runs smoothly, is functional and useful, integrates all the best features of other similar apps as well as adding their own,  and is well-worth the $0 price tag.

Visit their website @ www.orchestra.com to register – this allows you to sync your lists made in the app to their web-based site.  Visit your App store to download the phone version.