Hello, I’m Halli and this is my blog!

What I love about the world right now is the compulsion to share. Yes, we can share to a fault, and there is definitely a place for privacy – but I believe that we can gain tremendously from each others’ experience and knowledge. There has never been a time in history that we have been so closely connected, and with that comes an immense opportunity to learn and be inspired from each other.

This blog is my outlet to share all the things that inspire and stir the thrill of living within me. The content is strongly influenced by living on Vancouver Island, where my partner Irvin and I have lived for the past eight years.

I like to write about what  interests me and may  be useful for you, too.  Typical posts include my favourite recipes, the music I’m listening to, photos, and information on local events.  Less than two years ago we bought our first home  and I post about our efforts on the Projects page.  I also have a lot of cool friends doing neat, inspiring stuff. You can read about them on the Spotlight section of the blog.

I hope you enjoy the content and I would love for you to share your perspective, ideas and stories as well.

Thanks for dropping in,



thrill of living (θrɪl əv lɪvɪŋ)

1. hummingbirds

2. a good sunset

3. turning through fresh powder

4. floating on your back with the sun on your face

5. when the bass comes in

Halli and Irvin in Port Renfrew

Photo credit: Hattie Root